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We build products that respect your time and money and make life easy for you.
so we bring EasyHR, a premium Human Resources Management Software.

Easy to use

We design with the user in mind to enjoy the clean look. Feeling at home with backend, being an artist with frontend.

Unique Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

What We Provide

Our products offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions and services that are simple to set up, easy to use and efficient to administer


A passion for software development, a desire to provide simple, easy-to-use SaaS based products over several domains and the zeal to prove ourselves time & again is the guiding force behind Street Light Software. We absolutely love what we do, and this makes our journey even more satisfying.

Who are we?

We are up & coming Software Company with key resources having over 11 years of hands-on experience in IT, software & application development, product integration & start-up operations. Based out of Mumbai, the Street Light Software team comprises of a group of highly qualified, trained and experienced individuals in the field of IT & Software Development.

What We Do?

We know what it takes to build a software application that is collaborative, cost effective, useful & transparent. This understanding coupled with knowledge of the various tools of software development has led us to venture into the swiftly emerging arena of SaaS.

Our References

Let us introduce ourselves

Kanhai Chhugani
Managing Director
Kanhai Chhugani

Founder and Managing Director of Street Light Software. 14 years experience in building software.

Hiten Dedhia
Lead Developer
Hiten Dedhia

Responsible for Product Development and Product R&D. 13 Years of product development experience.

Vinod Rawat

Responsible for analysing the requirement, design and development and releasing to QA for testing.

Geeta Chhugani

Manages Human Resources and Marketing. joined us in 2011. Helps in recruitment and manages entire HR gamut; helps us in making EasyHR successful.

Testing & Support
Smruti Mondkar

Responsible for training & support complete system. Making sure user’s easy of use comes before developers ease of development.

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Customer Support
Prameer Kulkarni
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Customer Support
Arpita Suke

Takes care of administration work so that developers can focus on coding.

Director - Sales & Marketing
Shripal Shah

Responsible for Direct Sales / Channel Sales and product marketing with 11 years of experience.